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Apple Island Rules

Dear guest,

Please respect the rest of other guests, be tolerant and understanding. Thank you.

On “Apple island” you can not:

  1. Play amplified music/use audio equipment;
  2. Litter;
  3. Make excessive noise and disturb the stillness and the rest of others;
  4. Park vehicles outside the designated camping/parking areas;
  5. Let dogs swim in the common swimming in front of the beach*;
  6. Make an open fire.

Bungalow & Cabin rules:

  1. No indoor smoking;
  2. If you accidentally break something please report to reception;
  3. Please leave your cabin as you would like to find it.

General maintenance to the grounds and trees of Apple Island takes place on working days, this might occasionally cause noise disturbance, we apologize for the inconvenience

Any guest causing disturbance to other guests or property will be removed from the grounds,
Any right to refunds will be void.

Enjoy your stay!

Respectfully, camping administration.

* There is lake access for dogs at our the dog walking area